Switch For AR

Switch For AR

The ” AR Switch” category offers a specialized selection of Quick-Convert Auto Sear Mechanisms, transforming AR15s and related military-grade firearms like M16, M16A1, M4, and M4A1 from semi-automatic to fully automatic modes effortlessly. These premium switches, crafted from durable 304 stainless steel and precision-engineered through CNC milling, ensure a seamless fit and unparalleled longevity without the need for any firearm modifications.

Key Highlights:

  • Durability: Made from robust stainless steel, designed to withstand extensive use while maintaining peak performance.
  • Auto Mode Enhancement: Ingeniously prevents disconnector engagement, facilitating continuous automatic fire.
  • Easy Installation: Precision-crafted for a direct, modification-free fit, simplifying the upgrade process.
  • Precision Design: Each switch is produced with exact measurements and blueprints, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of AR models.
  • Versatility: This not only enhances standard AR15s but also fits military variants, offering customizable shooting experiences from burst to full auto.

Our “Switch For AR” category is the epitome of firearm enhancement, providing a straightforward solution for those looking to upgrade their shooting experience with reliability, precision, and versatility.

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